Wanting Asian Food, OH SO BAD!

Yesterday I cooked a meal that I managed to make an all day event out of. Now really I’m sure Rachel Ray could have made this meal in under 30 min and even Jamie Oliver could have done it in 15 min but me, no, I get out the crockpot acting like it was such a big to do. The joke was on me when my orange chicken was in essence done before 9:30am.  I had to of course do this in so many stages to make it look like I was working hard (HA HA HA). I did however get smart and make a naked spring roll (no wrapper/not fried) and tossed a few shrimp in it for lunch and then used the rest for fried rice. I am not much for peas and carrot cubes (this is me wrinkling up my nose at canned peas and carrot cubes) in my rice.

Orange chicken surrounded by steamed broccoli and served up with a fried rice was exactly what I had been wanting. On sunday I was passing through Bowling Green (BG) Kentucky when I saw my favorite little Thai restaurant (yes it is in a strip mall and yes it is for the most part a hole in the wall place.  I really do find it comforting and a weeeeeeee bit elegant at times). Saim Thai had me drooling for asian food. I decided that Thai would wait until after Chinese. I have been craving food from my all time favorite restaurant that I grew up going to in the downriver area of Michigan. Golden China has been closed for quite a while, but I still recall its wonderful food just as clearly as I do my mom’s home cooking. On a recent trip to Michigan I visited New Peking Restaurant in Garden city, they came very close with their family style dishes, however it lacked a bit in the feel good memories department. I would of course go back again if ever I was in town because YUM.

Right, right so what about this dinner, I fussed over well simply put, it was lean, gluten-free, high in vitamins, protein and fiber. What truthfully, it comes down to is that it was just Yummy and kept me far away from take out.  I adore take out! It feels like being pampered by someone whose only desire is to make you say YUM. Chefs are one of the most under appreciated, but desired paths a person can take on. I should know I have children, most of them could care less if I cooked a gourmet meal, but are jumping and hollering if I toss a frozen pizza in the oven (thanks a lot digiorno). The average chef is hidden behind walls never fully getting to see people enjoy the work they do. I am a firm believer that chefs should get tips in the form of paper happy faces and post-its with the word yummy on them. These people cook for me when I just don’t want to and bring alive foods I didn’t even think about creating.

Do you get that I love to experience food. Not just to fill my belly, but to awaken my senses, to bring back memories, to make me feel better when life gets me down and to celebrate all life’s moments. To me, food is just one way to experience what life really has to offer. I have family that is creating some amazing food both in the dirt and in their kitchens. I am so inspired by them to eat what I really want instead of just everything that looks junky (aka, good), there are times when we want this

big-messy-burgerwhen we know we should be eating this???????????????????????????????We just have to find that compromise otherwise we leave little to offer the world, regardless of what it has to offer us.

After dinner I of course took a nice relaxing hour-long walk (burning some 250+ calories) in some of the windiest weather I have had the experience of being in this year. A nasty storm that was stretching from like Illinois down past Houma, Louisiana was moving in and here I was totally enjoying the wind whipping through my clothing keeping me cool. After walking I sat on a bench soaking in the fall weather and snuggling with my daughter who was being mortified at the realization that we listened to some of the same music (Oh how I so remember feeling like that when I was 16, and think I purposefully changed what I was listening to right then and there never to look back, NO OFFENCE MOM). It really was a perfect day to just eat,  relax, and finish off the day with a hot bubble bath ( Ha, that was also interruped as Pratus wanted to have the dinosaurs eat all the bubbles, still wondering how he managed to unlock the door, hmmmm) and a good book (Okay so it was how to talk so your children will listen and how to listen so your children will talk by Adele Fraber but it was still a good book, that counts doesn’t it?).


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