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When life gives you lemons, turn them into apples and…

Make yummy sweet alchoholic drinks!!!!

Seriously, life has a way of twisting and turning in the most unexpected ways.  This last week I have been up and down, running from one end of town to another and signing my name on documents more times that I can count. So much of my energy has been take up with things that need to get done that there are times when I had to stop and remind myself to just breath. This week I decided also to get myself organized. Not to have any more pity parties (remember I have just recently become a single mother) and to just get stuff done.

I always felt that this kind of thinking was the very stuff that made me feel accomplished and over all just good. I got myself a binder some plastic protective sleeves, some notecards, some deviders, paper and some halfway decent pens. I was supper excited to put my family together an organizer so that we can keep a colective tally on our lives. I so hate kaos but, with 5 kids it seems unavoidable. I was attempting to make things a little less kaotic. Did you know that there are like a million pins on pentrest that are all about keeping organation binders for your family? I did not, for about 5 seconds I thought I was being original, HA HA HA. There are print offs on budgeting, meal planning, kids activities for rainy days, vacination schedules, date nights, calendars, and on and on and on. I was floored. What a very marvolous thing, of course this isn’t a new idea, duh. There have been moms out there trying to keep things to a dull roar in their homes for centuries. Maybe not in a binder per say but,  looking back in history you see some amazingly organized women that accomplish so much and a lot of them with very little.  The whole thing has me extremely proud of my gender! Yes, I know men too can be organized.  I have just not really ran in the same circles as any of them.

One of the things I want to do with my organizer is to print off recipes for things that I have made and loved! Things that I may not make except around holidays and such. For example: I ran accross a recipe for an Apple Pie Sangria: posted by “The Cookie Rookie” that I have just got to try. Just from the ingredients I know this it going to be a favorite. I very much have enjoyed this blog post not only for the yummy ADULT beverage that she posted but, the dog in the photos is hilarious. Let me know if you got the sence that the dog was the true main star of some of the photos.

I am NOT going to show you photos of my binder. It is totally sad in comparison to what people have been able to create, some much so It might as well be called an art form. I will however show you a picture of of an Apple Pie Sangria. 🙂

pie Does that not look delish to you?