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Morning with Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino

Every morning for me is a coffee morning no matter if it is hot black and decaffeinated or hot and  loaded with sugar and artificial flavors.

I am totally gaga for pumpkin spice cappuccino, but try to enjoy them as a treat on those days when I feel I need a real emotional yet physical pick me up. When I was dating it was like flowers to me. I would bat my eyes and say things like pweeze to get that response from my fiancé that had him rushing off to fulfill my want. I hated that I had to ask, although if he would have brought me one every day those steamy hot cups of joy never would have meant anything to me. I am one mixed up lady like that! Some times I don’t know what I want and other days no one can do anything right (not even me).  I pride myself on being practical and level-headed, the home maker that has it all under control, yet more and more I realize I am just one of those girls that want to be cherished, thought of as sweet and kind one that has someone running off to get me a pumpkin spice cappuccino the moment they come back in season with a smile and giddy excitement as presenting me with my beloved treat


Now that I am alone, I can’t expect to have anyone bringing me treats so if I want some pumpkin spice cappuccino  I will have to enjoy them ala carte so to speak. One thing I have started to realize is that in no way are those tasty cups of hot spice good for you. The thing about treating yourself is that you don’t want to give yourself things you know aren’t up to your standards sooooo, I have decided to make a better version using things that taste really good but with way less junk than the original.


1 scoop Organic whole food pumpkin powder by activz (I recomend the 10.1oz) Nutrition info is on the smaller 8.1oz container
*Please read up on the health benifits are to this wonderful powder

2 Tablespoons packed Truvia brown sugar

1 packet stevia in the raw

Powdered milk of your choice ( milk, soy milk , coconut milk) each one will be a different amount  but I used about 1 cup of milk/soy and only about 1/2 cup if using coconut

1 teaspoon vanilla powder (if you have vanilla beans you can so make your own I just have not had good luck with my vanilla beans the last 3 times I have gotten them so I had to buy this. It lasts a long time unless you are a vanilla nut)

*Now I like my stuff spicy, so if this doesn’t work for you please do less  and as always you could do some cinnamon and just pumpkin spice, I personally LOVE fresh ground nutmeg and think it makes all the difference in the foods I eat.

2 Tablespoon ground cinnamon

1.5 teaspoon ground cloves

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger (do not use fresh)

1/2 Tablespoon fresh grated nutmeg

This is where you can get creative, you could add a good quality instant coffee (what amounts to 6 finished/brewed cups worth) and make an amazing gift for someone you love or just for yourself ( always love yourself too, you deserve it) but I like to just put it in my morning coffee like a creamer and wala.

I put all the powders in my blender to make sure it was very well incorporated, then into a Fido jar with a chalk label. I wrote on mine what it was and how much to use. For me, I start with 2 Tablespoons and go up from there. I have never used more than 1/4 a cup per large coffee (again I don’t have instant coffee in mine, please adjust if you do).

So you are asking why not just run off to the gas station(sorry this mama can’t afford Starbucks) to buy your cup of steamy sweet goodness verses spending a small fortune for supplies (yes yes I know) …..drum roll please

You will have replaced that cappuccino coming in at a whopping 200 calories for a 12oz cup to a whole 89 calories for a 16oz cup if you do coconut milk it is even less but don’t forget to adjust because you will only need half of the powder in your coffee.  That is a **10 min. walk verses a 30 min. walk to burn off that coffee and if you are like me and tend to have more than one well goodness there goes the day just walking. The mixture you have created has great health benefts also (can you say that about your artificial powder coffee?).

** this always depends on your weight as a slimmer person will burn less calories than a heavier person. I went with an average of 150lbs for this example (I am in no way telling you how much I weigh 😛 ).



There have been so many days where I thought that I was alone in this big big world. So many times where I thought no one else felt the way I did, thought the way I thought or did the things I did. I am glad that through internet searches and the blogs I have read I found this to not be true. That is why I decided to jump in here feet first and go ahead and let others know they aren’t alone either.

My family is all sorts of mixed up crazy and I do mean that to be a compliment most days. This year I am older and wiser, not in my wisest years I am sure, but also not twenty something anymore. I have had my babies, I have had a child leave home to join society in the ultimate quest for survival. However I still have little ones that won’t be gone anytime soon and teens that will. What a roller coaster of a life!

Pratus My littlest guy is 3 now and what a handful. There are days when I wish someone would come and save me from him. My love is great and I wish I could just lavish my love on him but alas, he isn’t that type of child (being receptive of such things). There are times when he is full of love and helpful and just all around great, but those days are so far and few that life with him as the baby has its own limitations right along with those I put on myself.

We have just recently become a split family where I am now a single parent of these 5 kids, it is okay, I’ll make do, I’ll make it work, I have faith in myself regardless of who else does. I have big dreams filled with adventure and learning even if my kids would rather just be teens or others would rather I just live like the Jones.  In my view, life is to short to sit around and just be a spectator in it.

To me life is about what we do when we wake to what we do when our heads hit the pillow at night. I am not perfect and fight the battle of good health every day. Most times I am about 60% extremely healthy and 40% can’t keep away from the things I crave. I am creative with DIY projects, however I have my limitations and am just not one of those crafty women who can sit around making their kids class homemade valentines cards. I am lucky if I have made homemade play dough that wasn’t just left over bread dough that I was kind enough to break off (really only to prevent a meltdown by Pratus). I have tried eating RAW, Paleo, Low carb, Sugar-free, Juicing, Gluten-free, Gluten and Casein free, Organic only, and of course the Standard American Diet (SAD). None of which struck me as the only way to eat so when I post recipes you will find all kids, the bests of each group that seem to be the ones we come back to again and again. I have lived on a tight budget and being able to really throw the budget out the window and just buy whatever I wanted. All of these I hope to share with people.